Creative Ideas for Kitchen Window Curtains

Nov 11th
kitchen window treatments blue
Kitchen Window Treatments Blue

Kitchen window curtains – The kitchen windows are often used as design space. Often fourth attention is directed to the functional elements. Get the most out of your kitchen windows by choosing items that end with your decor scheme and takes the best of natural light in the room.


15 Picture Gallery: Creative Ideas for Kitchen Window Curtains

The borders are usually used as part of a window in rooms but can be changed to suit your kitchen. Choose a material that fits the feeling casual of a kitchen: gingham, for example, or different texture linen. Wrap the material around the kitchen window curtains rod, adjusted to fall in curls and the ends of the panels hang freely on both sides of the frame. The appearance casual counteracts valance material, making it suitable for a farm house or a kitchen with a rustic theme.

Old Elements

Since the kitchen windows are sometimes smaller than other rooms in the house, you have the opportunity to use old items. Looking for lace scarves or bandanas and turn them into delicate kitchen window curtains panels. For a brilliant touch, hangs a scarf patterns on the curtain rod at an angle so that the ends hang down the center of the window. Staple vintage linens throughout and twine it around each side of the corner of the window to a rustic look, or use a simple wreath made ​​from handkerchiefs folded in half for a very nice finish.

Cosines cafe style

To give a simple aggregate of retro look to your kitchen uses a cafe style kitchen window curtains. Purchase gather material various colors and elements of your kitchen; choose a pattern with a neutral base and lets in natural light. Cut a panel for each curtain, make a hem the ends and sew a loop on top that is comfortable around the curtain rod. Hang curtains to cover only half of the bottom of the window. This type of curtain maximizes light into the room without sacrificing privacy and style.

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