Eliminating Space Issue with the Trundle Beds

Jan 3rd

Living at the heart of the city can mean that you are close to everything that you need. Many shopping malls, schools, and restaurants are only within walking distance. But unless you are a billionaire or an actor who makes millions in a month, then most likely you will be stuck in an apartment with limited space. After all, with the scarce of space, these living areas become a luxury. For those reasons, you need to be smart. Smart means that you need to be able to maximize the smallest area by using that compact furniture such as the trundle beds.

The trundle beds can be great solutions for temporary or permanent additional living space. It will depend on the level of comfort that is purchased as well as the quality of the bed to determine if the beds can be used for permanent or not. They are great for small spaces because it has the similar concept to the bunk beds where there are two different beds that are combined into one space. One bed is on top of the other.

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The difference between bunk beds and trundle beds is the area where the other bed is. The bunk beds extra mattress is stored on the higher level of the first one. On the other hand, the trundle second mattress is underneath the first one. This mattress is only pulled out of its hiding place when it is going to be used. So there will be two beds in which the first one is higher than the second one.

Options of designs and styles of the trundle beds are available both on the online and offline shops. For the frames of the beds, there are different materials to choose from. Most of them are compact as the bed is most often used in the smaller space. And even though there are choices of sizes, the most common one would be the single bed size.

For extra function, you can try to search the trundle beds with storage system underneath it. Usually some are equipped with a drawer or two. But, you should never expect the space to be as large as the one under the platform bed. After all, some of the available space has been used for the mattress. Nevertheless, it is always a pleasure to find hidden extra storage. Clutters can be easily placed inside these drawers.

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