How to Clean a Kitchen Sink

Nov 3rd
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Sink is frequently used in a kitchen and this is one of the dirtiest pats. You put your dishes and wash them in it and this is no wonder that you should clean it regularly. Leaving it unwashed and uncleansed will just make your kitchen look worse because this is one of the main parts in a kitchen. The dirt and grim from it will not only make our kitchen look ugly, but also unhealthy because the kitchen will get the effect of the dirt through the odors and germs. So, cleaning it is the best thing to do to well protect your kitchen while making it look more beautiful.

In order to clean this area, you need to firstly fee the space from all dishes so that the space will be empty. Once they are all removed from the sink, you can run the space to clean any food particles in the space with water. Cleaning this area can be done easily by sing natural ingredients. So, you do not need to use chemical cleaners that might not be safe for your kitchen. A good natural ingredient that can be used in your kitchen is lemon. You can cut it in a half and add some sprinkles of being soda to the ends of the cut lemons. After that, you can scrub the space using half of the lemon. You can sprinkle the baking soda for many times as necessary to make sure the space is well cleaned.

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Clean the garbage disposal as well by using the half lemons. Just push them to the disposal and run it for some seconds to clean it. For removing ay clog and odor, you can use a mixture of one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar. Pour each of them separately to the drain while leaving a disposal. After that you can flush the drain by turning on the hot water. Do it for a minute and you can completely clean your sink.

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