How to Convert a Chest of Drawers in a Bathroom Vanity

Sep 20th
bathroom vanity without top
Bathroom Vanity Without Top

If a chest of drawers is good quality and the correct height, make it a bathroom vanity is something that can be done without too many problems. Note that it is easier to start with a comfortable approximately 30 inches (76.2 cm) tall. You can add, no doubt, some inches at the base, but it is difficult to cut a comfortable without doing much work. Plumbing pipes need to be hidden inside the cavity toilet as an option. However, maybe you can use a wall cavity behind the dresser, if you plan your design well.


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  1. Choose a comfortable good quality for bathroom vanity. Use a finding of a market that is old, if possible, to give the bath an upscale appearance. Converts an oak dresser or one made ​​of cedar, and other options. Get started with a section of furniture that’s not less than 36 inches (91. 4 cm) wide. Converts a comfortable type dresser with drawers that are even wider, if possible, so that you have more space on the counter.
  2. Choose a sink that will go well in the bathroom vanity. Choose one type bowl that rests on top of the dresser, for example. Plans to cut a site of attachment to the surface to a standard sink, as another option. Be sure to use a sink to support the design you want in the room. Buy a reproduction of an old one with fake antique handles and faucet that matches. Choose a sink in blue glass bowl with hardware stainless steel, to obtain a high-tech look.
  3. Plan the wall space around the dresser. Build an open space if the dresser is not wide enough to fill a spot on the wall. Put tile in the hole in the wall where the dresser will settle, as another option. Use tile to give the wall space a sleek look, is comfortable if a little small.
  4. The bathroom vanity designed to harmonize the floor with toilet. Make sure your hardwood floors or tile in the bathroom lace around the perimeter of the bottom of the dresser without interruption. Install tile floor before setting the dresser in place as an option. See if you need to build a small platform for the comfortable if it is too short to work well as it is.
  5. Short openings for water lines and hardware. Try the top surface of the dresser as a standard counter. Use tools to accommodate this process without removing the top. Do not try to remove it and cut holes inside out. Use hand drills along with other tools to gently remove any wood upon the surface from the dresser. Put on comfortable tile or waterproof materials used to make a counter in which you can work.

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