How to Restore Bathroom Vanities

Dec 4th
white bathroom vanity
White Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities play an important role in a bathroom decor both in the function and appealing. Simply updating your vanities will enhance the appealing in your bathroom. This is why may people use their vanities for decorating their bathroom. However, there is a misconception about updating a vanity. Most people like decorating their bathrooms by buying new vanities, but this is not really a good idea. You can always update your vanities without having to replace them. One of the best solutions for this problem is by restoring your vanities.

Restoring your vanities can be started by wiping the vanity to make it clean. Use mild detergent and a damp cloth to clean any dirt and grime on the surfaces. Rinse your vanities after wiping them. Bathroom vanities should be empty of anything including the hardware that is used in the furniture. Remove any hardware such as the hinges, knobs and doors. The hardware can be placed in a safe area if you plan use the hardware again. Now since the vanities are empty of anything you need to examine what you need to change and update from your vanities. You might find some damage, holes or slitting in the wood of your vanities.

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If you find any holes or damage in your vanity, you can repair them before restoring the surface. Holes and cracks can be filled with wood putty. Use the wood putty following the directions in the package. The wood putty should dry completely before continuing to restore your vanities. For restoring your vanities, you can sand the surfaces to smooth them down. Prime and paint your vanities while allowing each layer of them dry. You can use one coat of primer and two or three coats of paint for creating a good finish in your bathroom vanities.

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